Free Amigurumi Patterns for Boys

Crochet for Boys: 15+ Amigurumi Patterns that Boys Will Love (All Free!)

Looking for crochet ideas for boys?

I often see posts on social media from people asking for ideas for amigurumi patterns for boys. As crocheters, we show our love through crocheted goods. So if you’re wondering what to crochet for the little boys in your life, this round up is for you!

What can you crochet for boys?

The short answer? ANYTHING! My nephews have been crocheted all sorts of dolls and toys, from both girl and boy dolls, to superheroes, to cartoon characters, to play food, and more!

I’m not a big believer in gendered gifts for boys and girls. Often, I think we create a divide when we do this. All kids love everything and it’s really us who put our notions of colour and types on them. (For example, did you know that at the start of the 20th century, pink was considered to be a masculine colour? Yet, now we act as if there’s something inherently feminine about the colour pink!) As a result, boys are deprived because we have fewer crochet patterns for male dolls and toys (because it’s also important for kids to have toys that look like them!). So, honestly, the sky is the limit for amigurumi for boys.

However, as the aunt of 3 nephews who are the inspiration behind many of our patterns, I decided to share some of ideas for amigurumi patterns for boys based on what they’ve enjoyed. So here are my favourite crochet patterns for boys for the little guy in your life. The round up includes dolls, animals, vehicles, water balloons, play food, and so much more – I’m sure you will find something you love!

15 free amigurumi patterns for boys - photos of crochet patterns for boys including superhero finger puppets, dragons, water balloons, and a boy doll

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Free Amigurumi Patterns for Boys

Zayd the Crochet Boy Doll

crochet boy doll

If you look for crochet dolls, you will find a million crochet dolls for girls but almost none for boys. My nephew pointed this out to me once. He said that there are always dolls for girls, but what about boy dolls. Of course, like any self-respecting aunt, I immediately grabbed my crochet hook and got to work. Introducing, the Zayd doll. He has an adorable baseball cap. You can find the free pattern here.

Fierce or Sleepy Crochet Dragon

crochet dragons

This incredible pattern by Sharon Ojala is truly one of my favourites! I crocheted three of these dragons for my nephews and they just love them. They’ve named them Fire, Boli, and Mr. Lotion (lol – that’s the youngest’s) and they play with them ALL. THE. TIME. This pattern is a little bit tricky so I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner. It has video tutorials as well for all the complicated bits (like the hands!). It’s a great amigurumi pattern for an intermediate crocheter. You can find the free pattern here.

Design Your Own Crochet Monster

crochet monster with design sheet

This is one of my absolutely favourite designs to make for kids! They get to design their own crochet monster using our design sheet- and then you crochet it to life using the patterns for each of the parts. It’s so much fun and the look on their faces when they see them is priceless. I designed this for my nephews and they were just so chuffed to see their creations come to life. It’s been three years and these are still the toys that they take with them when they’re travelling. Isn’t it so much fun when crochet gifts are so appreciated? You can find the free pattern here.

Toby the Crochet Tarbosaurus

crochet tarbosaurus

Dinosaurs are such a fascination with little boys (and girls!). My nephews are always telling me little factoids about them, which I can never remember. Toby the Tarbosaurus by Nicole Chase is a really cute dinosaur pattern. And if the little boy in your life is obsessed with a different dino type, she has a whole dinosaur collection that you can choose from – including a dinosaur lovey! You can find the pattern here.

Superhero Doll

crochet superhero boy doll

Who doesn’t love a superhero doll? This superhero doll works out to be approximately 10.5 inches tall (or if you use super bulky yarn it could go up to 20 inches!) and is a really fun one to cuddle. You could customize it for the little boy in your life by adding an initial too. We also have a matching girl superhero doll that you can pair this little guy with. You can get the free pattern here.

Crochet Guitar

If your boys are anything like my nephews and love music, this crochet guitar would be perfect. It works either an accessory for small crochet dolls or on it’s own by adding a keychain ring and making it into a bag charm for their backpacks. It takes just an hour to crochet and you can find the pattern here.

Stackable Hamburger Amigurumi

My nephews love play food (infuriatingly, getting them to eat their regular food is not so easy to do!). We’ve spent endless hours with them preparing a restaurant and then all of us taking turns being the customer. So this stackable amigurumi hamburger pattern by Stringy Ding Ding is a great one to crochet for boys. They can add and subtract bits to the hamburger as they like – and it can be a source of hours of entertainment. You can keep in the eyes for a cute kawaii look – or leave them off if you prefer something more realistic. You can find the free pattern here.

amigurumi hamburger

Juna Crochet Animals Series

There’s nothing like a sweet stuffed toy for a boy to snuggle with at night. The Juna Series of crochet animals is a wonderful series of toys for the boy in your life. Some of the most popular ones for boys are Flippy the Frog, Dewey the Dinosaur, Ferdi the Fox, Cray the Crocodile, or Elzo the Elephant. However, any of the animals will be really loved, depending on what your child likes. Because they are all the same size and shape, they would make an adorable animal collection for a nursery if you’d like to make a bunch. You can find the patterns here.

crochet animals

Rainbow Crochet Snake

What is it about boys and reptiles? This rainbow snake by Golden Lucy Crafts is an excellent crochet pattern for boys! You can add or subtract to the length. Plus you can vary the colours to make it in line with your recipient’s favourite colours. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet snake

Sameer the Small Crochet Superhero Boy

This small crochet superhero doll would be a really fun quick make for a boy. It works up in just a couple of hours. At 4.5 inches tall, it’s an excellent option for pretend play. Plus, you could also add a keychain to it and it makes a fabulous backpack charm! I love making these and adding initials on the costume for a really special crochet gift. You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet boy superhero

Amigurumi Orca

I love orcas and so do my boys! They are such majestic creatures. The boys love to find out which animal would win in a fight between two predators. So when they realised that orcas are the top dog (um, top orca?) of the sea, they were smitten! So, several years ago, when I first started with amigurumi, I used this fabulous pattern by Amidorable crochet to make orcas for them. The pattern is simple (except for all the black yarn needed – not great for my middle aged yes lol) and a really fun one to crochet for boys. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet orca

Small Crochet Airplane

Airplanes are often a fascination for boys. So this little crochet airplane keychain is a really cute little one to crochet as a backpack charm. I designed this one for Zaggy for his first day of school. First days are really hard but this keychain put a big smile on his face. You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet airplane

Kozu Palm Pets

The Kozu Palm Pets small crochet animals are a great gift for the little boy in your life. These small crochet animals are the perfect size for little hands to pretend play with. And this collection is always growing so you can crochet him his favourite animal. You can also add a little keychain ring and make them into small bag charms for his backpack. You can find the free patterns here.

Crochet Helicopter

In line with the transportation theme, this crochet helicopter by Elisa’s Crochet is just so cute! My nephews just LOVE helicopters and so this one would make a fabulous gift to crochet for a little boy. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet helicopter

Faiz the Small Crochet Boy Doll

This small crochet boy doll was initially designed for my nephews for their pretend play games. And they are obsessed! Sometimes he’s Faiz, the super naughty younger brother. On other days, he is fighting off monsters to save the land. He has been used for hours and hours of pretend play, along with the other dolls (both girls and boys!) from the Kozu Palm Pals dress up crochet dolls series. You can also customize his hair to match the little boy in your life using the other patterns in the series. This is an excellent gift to crochet for boys – for hours upon hours of pretend play and fun! You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet boy doll

Crochet Water Balloons

Crochet water balloons are a fun and quick item to crochet for boys. They are super quick to make. Say goodbye to single-use plastic balloons! These water balloons designed by Left in Knots can be reused over and over again for summer fun. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet waterbaloons

Crochet Animal Rattles for Baby Boys

If you’re looking for something quick to crochet for a baby or a toddler, these crochet animal rattles make an excellent gift! They work up really fast and have an easy-to-grip handle. While they would all make great gifts for boys, some of the ones that have been popular for boys are the frog rattle, the fox rattle, the monkey rattle, and the dinosaur rattle. All of them also have matching animal plushies for an adorable little set. You can find the rattle patterns here.

crochet baby rattles including a cow, monkey, frog, wolf, dinosaur, bunny, and fox

Superhero Finger Puppets

If your boy loves superheroes as much as mine do, these superhero finger puppets are a fun gift to crochet. I can imagine they would take up hours and hours of pretend play. This free pattern by Krawka is super simple and you can make a variety of their favourite heroes! You can find the free pattern here.

crochet superhero finger puppets

Final Thoughts: The Best Toy Crochet Patterns for Boys

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