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Quick Crochet Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Quick crochet Christmas stocking stuffers for children and adults

Are you looking for a quick crochet stocking stuffers? Christmas stocking stuffers are so much fun – and crocheted stocking stuffers are even better! But when you have so much to crochet before Christmas (because, let’s get real – many of us are not the best at planning!), you need a simple pattern that can work up fast!

We’ve put together a collection of patterns that we think will make excellent crochet Christmas stocking stuffers. Whether you’re looking for amigurumi stocking stuffers for children or you would like to crochet stocking stuffers for adults (or kids) that are more practical, we have you covered!

These patterns are all fairly quick to make. Plus, they’re great stash busters to use up that scrap yarn from all your holiday projects!

The patterns that we have selected are wide and varied. They include patterns for both Christmas-themed stocking stuffers or stocking stuffers that you can crochet that can be used throughout the year.

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25+ Crochet Stocking Stuffers Free Patterns

Crochet Christmas Stocking Stuffers Free Patterns

Christmas Amigurumi Stocking Stuffers

Santa and his Elves Crochet

Our trio of a crochet Santa and his two mini elves from our Kozu Palm Pals crochet dolls series make adorable crochet stocking stuffers. At just 4.5 inches in height, these Christmas dolls are the perfect size for pretend play and can provide lots of Christmas day entertainment. You can get the free patterns here.

small crochet Santa and two elves

Small Amigurumi Reindeer

This little cutie would be a great surprise on Christmas morning. This reindeer would be a great stocking stuffer. He’s only 4 inches tall but packed with holiday cheer! You can find the free pattern here.

Christmas Tree Amigurumi

This adorable Christmas tree is perfect as a stocking stuffer this Christmas! It’s just so cute isn’t it? It would be a lovely gift to receive in your stocking to remind you of the holidays all year round! It would make a really cute Christmas-themed bag charm – or it could be used as a crochet ornament for the next year! You can get the free pattern here.

amigurumi Christmas tree

Joe the Crochet Yeti

Joe is a friendly Yeti, who lives in the Himalayas, Christmas is his favourite time because he decorates his cave with coloured lights and invites other Yetis to the celebration. At just 4 inches tall, this adorable amigurumi yeti by Lulu Loop would make such a cute stocking stuffer to crochet for Christmas! Say Hello to Joe The Yeti. Decorate your cave with this little Yeti. Find the free pattern here.

amigurumi yeti with Christmas lights

Mini Crochet Superhero Dolls

These adorable small crochet superhero dolls by Chai Coffee Crochet are a really fun crochet stocking stuffer to make! I made these for my nephews a few Christmases ago and they play with them to this day. You can personalise the dolls by changing the hair cap to the any of the hair caps from the Kozu Palm Pals amigurumi dolls series to match the gift recipients. Plus you can add a little initial on the doll! You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet superhero dolls for stocking stuffers

Bart the Bear

Bart the Bear by Cute and Cozy Crochet is a cute little guy to crochet for your stockings on Christmas morning. This little amigurumi bear is the perfect size for putting in a stocking (how cute does he looking sticking out of that crochet stocking??), or to have a small snuggle companion for a baby or toddler. His little scarf helps him to stay warm with it gets cold, and also is very cute! Find the pattern here.

small crochet bear in a Christmas stocking

Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi

This tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi by Green Fox Farm Designs is an adorable little Jurassic companion! Don’t let his small size fool you! He has a mightly heart and loves to make new friends. Tiny Dino is the perfect size for an amigurumi stocking stuffer or a crochet St. Nicholas gift! Get the free pattern here.

small crochet dinosaur

Crochet Baseball

Do you have a baseball-crazed person in your life, be it a child or an adult? This cute crochet baseball would make such a great stocking stuffer! It’s a simple crochet baseball pattern but would be such fun to throw around the house. To get the right shape of the baseball, it’s not quite amigurumi in its construction but the final look is the cutest crochet baseball toy! You can find the free pattern by Jen Hayes Creations here.

crochet baseball stocking stuffer

Christmas Kitty

Crochet this adorable Christmas kitty by Sweet Softies for a stocking stuffer this Christmas! This sweet little kitty has an ornament for her body – making her the perfect embodiment of the Christmas spirit. She’s small and she works up fast. This is the perfect pattern for when you’re trying to crochet your stocking stuffers this Christmas! You can find the free pattern here.

crochet christmas kitty stocking stuffer

Tiny Crochet Snowman

This tiny crochet Christmas snowman by Wandering Deer is really cute to add to your crochet plans this holiday season. It’s so tiny that it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for stockings of any size! And you can add a keyring to it and make it an adorable winter-themed crochet keychain. You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet snowman

Mini Bears in Stockings

These adorable mini bears by Loops and Love Crochet come with their own little stockings so they can be a complete stocking stuffer and stocking set for you to crochet! Or you could make these adorable bears on their own and put them inside your own stockings. Either way, this pattern is super cute! You can find the free pattern here.

Small bears in crochet stockings

Crochet Snowball

This crochet snowball by Banana Moon Studio is perfect if you’re from a warm place like we are! It can allow for fun Christmas snowball fights, no matter how warm it is outside. You don’t need to dream of a white Christmas for this. You could crochet this for everyone’s stocking and have a fun family snowball fight on Christmas day (plus, unlike real icy snowballs, these are super gentle!). You can find the free pattern here.

crochet snowballs

Elephant Crochet Finger Puppets

Thee elephant crochet finger puppets by My Fingers Fly are so cute. They’re the perfect stash busters – plus they allow for hours of Christmas fun. How fun would it be to receive these in your stockings on Christmas morning? You can find the free pattern here.

crochet elephant finger puppets

Crochet Dress Up Dolls

These little crochet dress up dolls make the cutest stocking stuffer. You can make a doll with one outfit or an entire wardrobe! There are several hair caps to choose from. The clothes are all removable and the hair caps interchangeable. You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet dolls

Elf & Reindeer Crochet Finger Puppets

These adorable elf and reindeer finger puppets are available for free from Elisa’s Crochet (the rest are available as paid patterns). They would be such a fun stocking stuffer to crochet for some Christmas morning fun. And the best part? They could keep kids entertained through the holidays. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet Christmas-themed finger puppets of a reindeer, Santa, an elf, a snowman, and a Christmas tree

Practical Crochet Stocking Stuffers for Adults & Kids

Crochet Chapstick Holder

This crochet chapstick holder by Jen Hayes Creations is the perfect practical stocking stuffer to crochet! It’s cute, works up really quickly, and is an excellent way to finish off all that scrap yarn leftover from your Christmas projects. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet chapstick holder keychains

Reindeer Christmas Potholder

This Christmas-themed reindeer crochet potholder is an adorable yet practical stocking stuffer to crochet this holiday season. While it is in line with the festive season, it is super practical (trust me – I’ve burnt my hands more times than I care to admit because I couldn’t find a potholder!). You can find this cute free pattern by Raffamusa Designs here.

crochet reindeer potholder

Christmas Lights Hairband

I love this Christmas Lights Hairband by A Craft Concept! It’s so darn cute, isn’t it? It makes for a great crochet stocking stuffer because your recipient can wear it all day for a festive holiday look! You could also make one for the whole family to dress up your Christmas photographs. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet Christmas light hairband

Bird Crochet Keychain

This small bird amigurumi keychain works up really fast (under 30 minutes!) and make for wonderful crochet Christmas stocking stuffers! You can add a keyring for a cute crochet keychain or bag charm. It is the perfect handmade touch to add to your Christmas gifting – plus it’s a great way to use up that scrap yarn! You can find the free pattern here.

crochet bird keychain

Moustache Nose Warmer

Sometimes it’s really fun to give gag gifts as stocking stuffers. And this moustache nose warmer is just hilarious! And, hey, if you use it, it’s practical too (a cold nose is the worst!). It would be a really fun stocking stuffer to crochet for that person for whom you can never figure out what to crochet! You can find the free pattern here.

crochet nose warmer with a moustache

Crochet Soap Saver

This crochet soap saver from the Burgundy Basket is a really practical stocking stuffer to crochet. Soap savers are a really sustainable way to use all those little bits of soap – and the texture of the soap saver can be a great exfoliator. This pattern is a video tutorial so it’s great for crocheters of all skill levels. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet soap saver

Christmas Crochet Ponytail Holders

This set of Christmas Ponytail Holders by Nana’s Crafty Home is too sweet to miss! The set has a reindeer, a snowman, and a gingerbread man. These hair ties are perfect for a festive holiday look. Make one or make all three – they work up fast and are great for stash busters. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet Christmas ponytail holders with amigurumi gingerbread man, snowman, and reindeer

Crochet Shower Puff

This simple crochet shower puff pattern by Hooked on Patterns is a perfect gift for your Christmas stockings! It’s practical, easy, and cute – a win-win all around! You can find the free pattern here.

crochet shower puff

Star Flower Bookmark

The star flower bookmark is an excellent stocking stuffer to crochet for the book lover in your life. Both cute and practical, you can’t go wrong with this gift for Christmas! You can find the free pattern by Accrochet here

star shaped bookmark

No-Sew Fish Keychain

Our small no-sew fish keychain is a great crochet stocking stuffer for the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life. It would also make a cute crochet luggage tag for your next vacation! The best part is that it’s a great stash buster PLUS a no sew amigurumi pattern! You can find the free pattern here.

fish crochet keychain

Crochet Chair Socks

Crochet chair socks are a festive way to protect your floor and your ears from the screeching sound of chairs moving across the floor! You can crochet these in holiday colours or to suit the decor of your room. They’re a great practical gift to stuff into those Christmas stockings. You can find the free pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks here.

crochet chair socks in orange, gray, yellow, and blue

Christmas Tree Dishcloth

This Christmas tree-themed dishcloth is a sustainable alternative for dishwashing. It fits onto your hand, which allows you to scrub inside those hard to reach places. Plus, the pretty Christmas tree can give you that festive feeling year-round. You can find the free pattern by Krissys Over the Mountain Crochet here.

Christmas tree crochet dishcloth

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