The Juna Series

Crochet animals in a basket_Juna series

We’re very excited to introduce the Juna series, a collection of free patterns for amigurumi animals. While these crochet animals are super cute, they are also easy amigurumi patterns for beginners. The soft round body shape is perfect for lots of cuddles! They are perfect for cute last-minute crochet gifts for kids.

The series is named after Kiran’s 4-and-a-half year old son, who was nicknamed Juna by his younger brother. He loves animals and pretend play with stuffed toys, so is extremely chuffed to be the inspiration behind this series of cute amigurumi animals!

The crochet animal toys all have the same body shape so, if you feel adventurous, you could try to mix and match the outfits by following the colour changes for the outfit that you want.

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Click on the crochet animal image below to find its free pattern! Or you can buy an ads-free print-friendly version of the patterns in our Ravelry Store.

Flippy the crochet Frog, Ziggy the crochet Zebra, Cleo the crochet Cow, Bax the crochet Bear, Polly the crochet Panda, Bixie the crochet Bunny, Walt the crochet Wolf & Ferdi the crochet Fox, Hattie the crochet Hippo, Ukie the crochet Unicorn, Cray the crochet Crocodile, Dash the crochet Dog, Elzo the crochet Elephant