crochet patterns for Palestine solidarity

Crochet Patterns for Palestine Solidarity

We’ve put together a round up of free crochet patterns for Palestine solidarity. You can crochet these to take to your next protest march, as a fundraiser, or to use in everyday life to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

It’s been over 150 days of Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. As I write this, nearly 40,000 people have been killed, including nearly 15,000 children. As this horror unfolds, it’s been difficult to know how to function with everyday life, with a genocide being livestreamed yet ignored by those with power.

As a crocheter, I find a lot of solace in crochet. It helps me find grounding. It is also how I express myself. Plus, as the world ignores this genocide, it becomes increasingly important to visibly show your support and keep up the pressure – it’s the only way we can hope to see change.

While I was initially really disappointed in the crochet community and its silence during this genocide, I have been heartened to connect with some amazing crocheters who have also been using their craft to show their support. In this round up, I introduce their patterns and links on where to find them. I hope you find these crochet patterns for Palestine solidarity beneficial. I will keep adding to this as I find more. If you have a pattern that you’ve designed that I can include, let us know and we will add it to this round up.

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Palestinian Crochet Flag

This Palestine crochet flag keychain on Instagram by Amena at The Cotton Doll would be great to attach to your bag. I also recommend checking out her Instagram page. She has used crochet in such a powerful way to highlight what is happening in Gaza.

Palestine Map Crochet Pattern

crochet map of Palestine

This map of Palestine by Mai and Haniya at Sisters Handmade on Instagram would make a wonderful keychain to show solidarity for Palestine. If you use the same yarn and crochet hook recommended in the pattern, it works up to be approximately 13 cm tall. The actual pattern is linked in their Instagram bio.

Palestine Flag Heart

crochet Palestine flag heart. The heart is in black on top, followed by white, followed by green. There is a red triangle on the side.

Chai Coffee Crochet’s Palestine flag crochet heart is approximately 3 inches tall using DK yarn and a 2.75mm crochet hook. It would work well as a keychain or bag charm.

Crochet Palestine Flag Wrist Cuff

crochet Palestine wrist cuff

This crochet Palestine flag wrist cuff by Scarlet Stitch Studios would be great to wear at your next protest march – or just about town. It’s crocheted using cotton yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook.

Watermelon Crochet Keychain

Here is another pattern by Amena at The Cotton Doll on Instagram. Watermelons have become a symbol for Palestine, as the colours of the fruit are the same as those of the Palestinian flag. This crochet watermelon keychain works up really fast and is quite easy to crochet.

Dua, the Watermelon Crochet Doll

small crochet doll with a watermelon dress

Dua means prayer in Arabic and this doll was inspired by the children of Gaza. She is approximately 4.5 inches tall and is part of our Kozu Palm Pals mini crochet dolls series. She takes a couple of hours to crochet (depending on your speed).

Palestinian Flag Keychain

This Palestinian flag keychain by Wooly Smile is crocheted in an oval shape so that it’s two-sided. If you add a zip, it would make a really cute coin purse too!

Palestinian Flag Crochet Graph

If you enjoy crochet graphs, this crochet graph of the Palestinian flag by Al Banna Designs is a really versatile pattern, as it can be used for crochet, knitting, Tunisian crochet, cross stitching, plastic canvas, diamond painting – anything that can be done following a grid.

Watermelon Magnets

This watermelon magnet by Mai and Haniya at Sisters Handmade on Instagram works up really quickly. I love the idea of adding a magnet at the end and sticking it on your fridge. You can find the PDF of the pattern by clicking the link in their bio.

Watermelon Heart

I love this watermelon heart by Wooly Smile on Instagram. It is the perfect little thing to add to your purse or backpack to show your solidarity in a more subtle way.

Watermelon Slice Keychain

This watermelon slice keychain by Scarlet Stitch Studios has step-by-step photographs and a video tutorial so it’s a great pattern for a beginner who would like the additional guidance.

Watermelon Slice Brooch

Here we have yet another watermelon slice item by Nurgul Celik on Instagram. This watermelon slice can be used as a keychain or a brooch.