Top Cute Free Amigurumi Patterns

So it’s finally here–2021! What a tumultuous year this past one has been! The entire world has been turned upside down in a way that would have seemed unimaginable a year ago. But amid all this difficulty, there have also been rays of hope and beauty for us and a realisation that, no matter where we live or who we are, we are all inextricably connected.

Instead of waxing philosophical, let’s talk about what this year has meant for us at Chai Coffee Crochet. We had both been making amigurumi for a few years but just followed patterns on other free crochet blogs and had never designed anything ourselves. Being home during the pandemic inspired both of us to try our hand at designing, which resulted in this blog. When we started this journey, we really didn’t know where it would lead: Would anyone be interested in our patterns? How will we keep coming up with new designs? How do we even start a website?

Just about six months into our blog, we have spent countless hours designing, learning how to create a website, figuring out social media, and are having such a great time connecting with all of you from all over the world! We have released 19 free patterns, participated in 2 Blog Hops, and hosted one Crochet-Along! Thank you all for your support–it has been so much fun and we are really looking forward to what the next year brings. Let’s see our top nine most visited patterns in 2020, our first six months of blogging.

Stay connected with us for more free patterns, to learn about Crochet Alongs (CALS), other new updates. We would really appreciate the support!

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Our Top Nine Patterns of 2020

Kozu Palm Pals cover

Kozu Palm Pals – Our most clicked on pattern for 2020 was the basic doll pattern of the Kozu Palm Pals. This was the first pattern ever released on our blog and, to be honest, it’s one that we ourselves use a lot. It has become our go-to pattern for small, last-minute gifts; personalized dolls for friends; and we even made little Kozu Palm Pals for the goody bags for Juna’s fifth birthday party. The body can be mixed and matched with our array of hair caps and outfits for a truly customised doll!

Design your own crochet monster pattern and printable

Design your own monsterThe design your own monster pattern and printable is an idea that we were really excited about. Using our free printable (which you get when you subscribe to our newsletter), you can get your kids to design a monster that you then crochet using our pattern. These are such special gifts to give and we have loved seeing the unique monsters designed by the kids in your lives and crocheted by you!

Crochet Unicorn Ukie

Ukie the Unicorn – Ukie was the third-most clicked on pattern on our blog in 2020. Part of our Juna Series of crochet animals, with her pastel-coloured mane and sweet little heart, she one of the most popular toys in our own little store here in Karachi. With February around the corner, she would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift!

Mini crochet witch

Zeena the mini witch – Zeena the mini witch was our Halloween addition to our Kozu Palm Pals series! She was so much fun to make and the perfect last-minute Halloween crochet gift!

crochet mermaids

Ayla the mini mermaidAyla the mini mermaid was a design that we came up for a small design contest on Instagram. Part of the Kozu Palm Pals series, she can be customised to the hair caps of any of the dolls. She has already been given as a gift to a number of our nieces and friends’ kids because she works up so fast and who doesn’t love a mermaid?

Amigurumi fox and amigurumi wolf

Walt the Wolf & Ferdi the Fox – The pattern for Walt the Wolf and Ferdi the Fox is one of our all-time favourite patterns. They’re part of our Juna Series and they are just so adorable! They were released as a Crochet-Along back in September, which was such a fun experience for us! We loved seeing everyone’s unique foxes and wolves and had so much fun crocheting alongside all of you.

Crochet elephant Elzo

Elzo the Elephant – Elzo the Elephant was the first member of our Juna Series and is so cute, that he inspired an entire series! Elephants are just so cute and Elzo’s floppy ears and cuddly shape, are just adorable. He’s one of those patterns that we have made over and over again!

Bax the Bear – Bax the Bear was the last pattern released in the Juna Series in 2020. We designed him for the holiday season with his Christmas sweater and festive hat, but also have an alternate version with a simpler sweater for the rest of the year. We’ve loved seeing various versions of Bax on our Facebook group!

crochet crocodile

Cray the Crocodile – Cray the crocodile was designed because we couldn’t find the perfect crochet crocodile pattern and we just love him! He’s really quirky so has been a frequently requested by a number of our clients at our shop.

Plans for 2021

As we look forward to 2021, we have lots planned for you! Here’s a quick look of some of the things we have brainstormed so far:

  • Juna Series: A number of you have suggested other animals that you would like to see and we have lots of ideas of things we still want to design. In 2021, expect to see more adorable additions to our Juna library! (In fact, we have two patterns already complete that are in the testing process.)
  • Kozu Palm Pals: We are beginning the year with the release of our mini superhero crochet dolls, Samia and Sameer. We also have a number of new Kozu Palm Pals planned, with different hair caps and outfits. We are also hoping to release a guide (maybe even an Ebook?) in the next year to help you to use the Kozu Palm Pals to make customised dolls of people you know. Plus, we are planning to add accessories to the dolls in the near future, so let us know what fun accessories you would like to see and make!
  • A New Doll Series: We are working on a new series of dolls that you can look forward to very soon–with the first pattern in January! We can’t wait to share this with you!
  • Kids Design, You Crochet: Based on the success of our Design Your Own Monsters pattern, we are hoping to expand this into a series called Kids Design, You Crochet, where we will offer patterns and printables to allow you to do more of these meaningful collaborations with the children in your life.
  • Video Tutorials: We are also hoping to try our hand at tutorial videos, because we realise that, for some people, written patterns are difficult and that they would much-prefer a video. We’re pretty daunted by the whole set up and the logistics of recording videos so wish us luck!

Phew! That’s a lot of resolutions for the next year. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that plans are just that so let’s see how we fare with this! In the meanwhile, there are a couple of exciting things coming up in the next month to look forward to.

  • The 26 Days of Love Blog Hop: We are participating in yet another Blog Hop called 26 Days of Love which will begin on January 2nd. Don’t miss these amazing free designs by 26 talented crochet designers, with a mix of amigurumi and non-amigurumi designs! You can find more details here.
  • A new crochet along in January 2021: We are hoping to be a little more regular with Crochet Alongs in 2021 and will begin with a crochet along in January. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. (Hint: The crochet along will feature a doll from the new series that we are starting–yay!)

With all of this to look forward to, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, join the Amigurumi with Chai Coffee Crochet Facebook group or follow us on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Wishing you, your famlies, and the entire global community a healthy and peaceful 2021.


Kiran & Shama