Happy Friday! Today we will be making the head of our amigurumi ballerina doll.

You should already have the legs and body ready for your amigurumi ballerina doll at this point. If you’re just joining us for the first time today, please first go to:


This pattern is written in US terms and crocheted in continuous rounds, except where specified otherwise.

Sl st: slip stitch

SC: single crochet

INV DEC: invisible decrease

INC: two SC in the same stitch

BLO: back loops only

HDC: Half double crochet

HDC INC: two HDC in the same stitch



Round 43: SC around (12)

Round 44: (SC, INC) six times (18)

Round 45: (2 SC, INC) six times (24)

Round 46: (3 SC, INC) six times (30)

Round 47: (4 SC, INC) six times (36)

Round 48: (5 SC, INC) six times (42)

Round 49: (6 SC, INC) six times (48)

Round 50-59 (10 rounds): SC around (48)

Insert safety eyes between Rounds 55 and 56, eight stitches apart. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the eyes, embroider on eyelashes (you can find a tutorial on eyelash embroidery here). Put the washer firmly on the back. Note: If you don’t have safety eyes or prefer to crochet on the eyes for younger children, see here for how you can do that.

Ensure that the neck has been firmly stuffed so that you don’t end up with a wobbly head.

Tip: To keep the neck firm, you can crochet a tube of 10 SC in width and about 3 inches tall. Insert it and stuff firmly to support the neck. After you’re done with the head, use the leftover yarn tail, after making the nose, to put a couple of stitches into the neck, through this tube, to ensure that it stays in place. You could also use a foam roller instead.

Round 60: (6 SC, INVDEC) six times (42)

Round 61: (5 SC, INVDEC) six times (36)

Round 62: (4 SC, INVDEC) six times (30)

Round 63: (3 SC, INVDEC) six times (24)

Round 64: (2 SC, INVDEC) six times (18)

Ensure that the head is well stuffed.

Round 65: (SC, INVDEC) six times (12)

Round 66: INVDEC six times (6)

Fasten off and leave a long tail to embroider on the nose. Insert needle in front loop of each stitch and pull tight to close. Use the yarn tail to embroider on the nose by making two to three passes over three stitches, one row below the eyes.

Go here for Part 4.

We are now done for today! We will see you on Monday for Part 4. Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share your progress on our Facebook group or on Instagram, tagging us @chaicoffeecrochet and using the hashtag #chaicoffeecrochetCAL

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