Zoya ballerina doll complete

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the last day of our CAL? Yay! Thank you all for participating. We’ve had so much fun doing this and seeing your amigurumi ballerina dolls along the way. We’re super excited to see everyone’s finished ballerinas! Today we will be sewing on the arms, making the skirt and bow, and adding the final touches to our dolls.

You should already have the legs, body, head, and arms ready for your amigurumi ballerina crochet doll at this point. If you’re just joining us for the first time today, please first go to:


This pattern is written in US terms and crocheted in continuous rounds, except where specified otherwise.

Sl st: slip stitch

SC: single crochet

INV DEC: invisible decrease

INC: two SC in the same stitch

BLO: back loops only

HDC: Half double crochet

HDC INC: two HDC in the same stitch



Use dress colour yarn

Turn the doll upside down and attach yarn in the back of the doll, in the front loops left unworked from Round 26. We will be working in joined rounds for the skirt. The chain 1 doesn’t count as a stitch.

Round 1: Chain 1. INC, 32 SC.  Sl st to the first SC of the round. (34)

Round 2: Chain 1. (HDC, HDC INC) seventeen times. Sl st to the first HDC of the round. (51)

Round 3: Chain 1. (2 HDC, HDC INC) seventeen times. Sl st to the first HDC of the round. (68)

Round 4: Chain 1. SC in each stitch around. Sl st to the first SC of the round. (68)

Fasten off and weave in the ends.


Use the bow colour yarn.

Row 1: Chain 5. Starting from the second chain from the hook, HDC INC, 2 SC, 6 HDC in the last chain space as your work turns. Now continue on the other side of the chain. 1 SC in each of the next 2 chains, 4 HDC in the last chain. Sl st to the first HDC.

Fasten off and leave a very long tail. Wrap your tail around the centre of your bow. Now wrap the tail around the bun, where it joins to the hair cap and sew the bow onto your doll’s bun.

Dress Straps (make two)

Use the dress colour yarn.

Chain 6 and fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.


  • Sew the arms onto your doll between Round 40 and 41 of the body.
  • Sew the dress straps onto the shoulders of your doll.
  • Embroider on a mouth and add blush if you would like. To add blush, we use regular blush and a small paint brush and just put a few strokes on the cheeks.
  • Using the dress colour yarn, cut a long strand and sew it onto the one side of the shoe, towards the back on the other side of the shoe, and across the first strap to the second side of the shoe. To keep the strap in place, sew the strap over one stitch in the back.

Your Zoya amigurumi ballerina doll is now ready – yay! That was a lot of fun and thank you for joining us. We would really love to see your final crochet ballerina dolls so share them with us on our Facebook group or on Instagram, tagging us @chaicoffeecrochet and using the hashtag #chaicoffeecrochetcal If you have any feedback about the CAL, we would love to hear it in either of those places or send us an email at chaicoffeecrochet@gmail.com

Oh and of course, we had promised a little surprise today! You know we love mini dolls, like those in our Kozu Palm Pals series. So, to give you another project after this CAL, we have a new free pattern on the blog for Zara the mini amigurumi Ballerina, a Kozu Palm Pals mini crochet doll version of our crochet ballerina doll. She would make a great pair with your Zoya doll – a mini-me little sibling. Don’t they look so cute together! Get the pattern here.

A large amigurmi ballerina doll with a mini ballerina crochet doll