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Bax the crochet Christmas bear

Bax the Christmas Bear

Introducing Bax, the crochet Christmas bear in this free pattern! Although Covid-19 has put a damper on this year’s holiday season, Bax is still determined to enjoy the holidays with his Christmas sweater and festive hat. Bax stands at about 7.5 inches tall, excluding his hat. This free pattern is quick, easy, and suitable for beginners. It’s makes for a great last-minute crochet Christmas gift.

Bax the crochet bear

Bax the crochet bear

Bax the crochet Bear is a great addition to any toy room. This free pattern is quick, easy, and suitable for beginners. Our cute crochet bear wears a smart striped sweater and will make for a wonderful companion for the child in your life.

Polly the Crochet Panda

Crochet panda Polly

We are welcoming winter with Polly the crochet panda, the newest free pattern in our Juna Series. There is just something so cute about Pandas–they’re so cuddly and a crochet panda is even better! Polly has an adorable lacy skirt and bow so that she’s perfectly dressed for the holiday season. Like all the patterns in this series, this pattern works up fast and is simple, yet adorable!

10 Days of Christmas Amigurumi Blog Hop

10 Days of Christmas Amigurumi Blog Hop

Update: The blog hop is now over. However, you can get PDF patterns for all 10 of these patterns for only $7, using our affiliate link. This deal is only available through December 15th, so don’t miss it!

Bixie the crochet bunny

crochet bunny Bixie

Bixie the crochet bunny is such a sweet addition to our Juna series. She is dressed ready for a day in the sun with her adorable outfit and pretty flower!

Design your own mix-and-match crochet monster

Design your own crochet monster

Who doesn’t love a crochet monster? They are so CUTE.  Plus, the best part -they have no rules! Love those eyes? Why not add three? Who needs two arms when you can have four? With Halloween coming up, we decided to do something a little different – we decided to let YOU design your own crochet monster by giving you crochet patterns for all the different monster elements and letting you put them together. Or even better? Let the kids in your life design their own crochet monsters as a craft activity using our free Monster Design Worksheet. Then you can crochet it for them so that they have their own personalized crochet monster.  Besides, what better way to protect your child from the monsters under their bed than a crochet monster that they have designed themselves?

Ferdi the Fox & Walt the Wolf: Crochet Along (CAL) – Part 5

crochet fox and crochet wolf

The last day is here – yay! We just have to assemble all the parts and put the overalls together and our crochet foxes and wolves will be ready. So without further ado, let’s begin (or rather finish)!

Ferdi the Fox & Walt the Wolf: Crochet Along (CAL) – Part 4

Happy Friday! Wow- we’re already on Day 4 of our Crochet Along! Our crochet foxes and wolves are coming together and we are so close to the end. Today will be a relatively light day. It will give those who have fallen behind a chance to catch up. We will be making the arms and the tail.

Ferdi the Fox & Walt the Wolf: Crochet Along (CAL) – Part 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the CAL! Today we are going to make the head of our crochet foxes and crochet wolves. These cuties are finally going to start taking shape! Are you ready to begin?

Ferdi the Fox & Walt the Wolf: Crochet Along (CAL) – Part 2

crochet fox and crochet wolf

Good morning (or afternoon/evening/night, depending on where in the world you are)! Are you ready for part two of our CAL?

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