quick and easy small crochet dolls free patterns

Kozu Palm Pals – Small Crochet Dolls (Free Patterns!)

Mini Crochet Dolls Free Patterns

Our Kozu Palm Pals small crochet dolls series is a collection of quick and easy mini crochet doll free patterns. We’re sort of obsessed with making these palm-sized small amigurumi dolls!

They’re perfect because:

  • these tiny crochet dolls are really easy to make
  • they’re so compact, they can be taken on the go
  • these small dolls are the perfect size for pretend play for little hands
  • they make for a great stash busting crochet project using scrap yarn
  • these mini amigurumi dolls are easy to customise and personalise
  • they work up so fast (they take us 2 to 2.5 hours from start to finish) and are ideal for last minute crochet gifts for kids
  • they make great crochet birthday party favours or crochet Christmas stocking stuffers
  • they’re perfect little quick items to crochet for your next craft fair (check our awesome craft fair tips!)

The Kozu Palm Pals were named after Kiran’s then-eight year old son, who was nicknamed Kozu by his youngest brother. He and his brothers inspired their creation. They wanted little siblings for their larger crochet dolls – and so this mini crochet doll series was born.

Once we designed it, we were hooked (no pun intended)! These dolls are some of our favourite (and most popular!) amigurumi patterns – and we love that you love them too.

The series has expanded way beyond what we had initially imagined and there’s a lot more to come. We are continually adding to this series so join our newsletter to stay updated on our latest Kozu Palm Pals small crochet dolls. We also have a series of small crochet animals called the Kozu Palm Pets, with 4 inch animals.

a pile of small crochet dolls

About these Small Crochet Doll Patterns

These small crochet dolls all have the same base pattern (except for the little mermaid doll because, well, no legs!). The legs, body, and head of these dolls are crocheted in one piece – yay to less sewing!

These dolls can be crocheted really fast. Our pattern testers say that they take between 1.5 hours and 3 hours, depending on the speed of the crocheter and the complexity of the pattern. Personally, they take me a couple of hours to make.

These cute little dolls are easy to crochet. The only tricky part are the arms, which can be fiddly. But not to worry – we share some tips to make them easier!

Since the base pattern for all the dolls is the same, the hair caps can be interchanged for all the dolls – so the possibilities are endless! I love crocheting little customised dolls to match the hair of the recipient!

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free 2.5 hour crochet dolls free patterns

Small Crochet Dolls Free Patterns

How to Crochet a Doll Body

If you prefer to design your own crochet doll, then this doll body pattern is perfect for you. It is just the base pattern for our Kozu Palm Pals dolls. You can customise it as you like, by adding different details of embroidery, clothes, and hair. It will be your blank canvas – go wild!

crochet doll base

Dress Up Crochet Dolls

Our dress up crochet dolls are the perfect patterns to make a truly unique doll. They all have removable clothes and different hairstyles that you can mix and match. There’s nothing like playing dress up with dolls. They are perfect for a doll house or just any form of pretend play. It’s also so much fun to make a doll with an extensive wardrobe and dress the dolls up for any occasion!

crochet dress up dolls

Dua the Watermelon Crochet Doll

Bring a slice of summer into your life with Dua, our watermelon crochet doll. Her dress is removable so she’s part of the dress up dolls series. And those hair buns are just love, aren’t they? Dua is the perfect amigurumi doll for summer.

small crochet doll with a watermelon dress

Ayla the Mini Crochet Mermaid

Mermaids are so magical and are the perfect gift for the little girl in your life. Ayla the small crochet mermaid doll and is just so adorable! She would make a cute doll for pretend play or attach a keychain ring and you have the cutest little backpack charm! You can even pair her with our larger crochet mermaid doll for an oh-so-adorable duo.

small crochet mermaid

Small Crochet Superhero Dolls

Our mini superhero dolls are so versatile and fun! They are perfect for pretend play – but they are also a great gift for someone to wish them strength or to show how much you admire them. We even crocheted these little superhero dolls for teacher appreciation gifts (and we have a really cute gift tag to go along with them!). Want to personalise them? Why not add your recipient’s initial embroidered onto your superhero. They are such fun dolls to crochet – we think you will absolutely love them!

small crochet superhero dolls

Zara the mini ballerina doll

Zara is a mini-me version of our Zoya ballerina crochet doll and, boy, is she adorable! Since her clothes are all built in, she’s one of the fastest dolls to crochet in the series. She would make a really cute last minute crochet doll for the little ballerina in your life.

Harry Potter crochet dolls

We have an adorable Harry Potter crochet doll that you will love! Our favourite little wizard is the perfect gift for a budding fan of the series (or for yourself!). And of course, we can’t forget the rest of the magic trio, so we have crochet doll patterns of Hermione and Ron as well! These crochet dolls would also be a great cake topper or party favour for a Harry Potter birthday party.

small crochet dolls of harry potter, hermione, and ron

Zeena the Mini Witch

Zeena the mini witch doll is such a cute little amigurumi for Halloween. She works up so fast and is a great Halloween gift. Since her dress is removable, you can actually switch it with any of the other Kozu Palm Pals dress up dolls, for a full Halloween wardrobe!

small crochet witch doll

Viktor the Crochet Vampire Doll

Viktor is such a cute little vampire crochet doll! If you’re looking for quick Halloween amigurumi patterns, this little guy is just perfect, isn’t he? We decided to give him a cute little expression (he’s a friendly little vampire!) but you can make him as scary as you like, by embroidering arched eyebrows – or even fangs!

Marvin the Crochet Mummy Doll

Marvin the mummy amigurumi doll is such an adorable quick Halloween amigurumi pattern! He just melts our heart. He is such cute little doll to crochet for Halloween. You can get creative with how you wrap his bandages around him – giving him a cute new look each time!

small crochet mummy

Crochet Santa Doll

Our sweet little Santa crochet doll is just so cute! He would make really cute crochet stocking stuffer or just adorable Christmas decor for around the house. This Santa amigurumi doll is a perfect quick make for a craft fair during the holidays!

crochet santa doll

Elliot the Crochet Elf Doll

If you’re looking for a Christmas crochet doll, Elliot the small elf amigurumi doll is so cute! His overalls are just love – you can even adapt them to use with one of our other Kozu Palm Pals crochet dolls. This sweet little elf crochet doll would make such a fun ornament for your Christmas tree – or you could even crochet this little doll for your next secret Santa gift!

Ella the Amigurumi Elf Doll

Ella is our cute little girl amigurumi elf doll. You can make her as part of a Christmas crochet doll set, or just on her own. Her candy cane stockings and cute little skirt make this little doll just so cute!

Malala Crochet Doll

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever and a fearless activist for girls’ education, Malala Yousafzai is an inspiration to many. So this little crochet doll of Malala would be an amazing gift to crochet for a teacher, a graduate, or just as an inspiration for any young girl (or boy!)! We even have a really cute free gift tag with one of her most famous quotes!

Graduation Dolls

These small graduation amigurumi dolls are just the perfect last-minute gift for the special graduate in your life. Using the various haircaps and outfits from the other dolls in the series, you can crochet these dolls to look like your recipient! How fun is that? They would make a really special keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.


Bride & Groom Crochet Dolls

Our crochet bride and groom dolls are just an adorable wedding gift. You can customize them to look like the happy wedding couple, by adapting the hair colour or hair style from one of the other dolls in our series. They also would make such cute wedding cake toppers to crochet, wouldn’t they?

bride and groom crochet doll

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an amigurumi doll?

Amigurumi dolls are crochet dolls. Amigurumi refers to the technique of crocheting in the round that is used to crochet stuffed animals and dolls. It originated in Japan but has gained popularity all over the world in the last couple of decades. So essentially when you see the term amigurumi doll, it means a crochet doll.

How long does it take to crochet a doll?

These small dolls take between 2 and 3 hours to crochet, depending on your speed and the details of each of the patterns. While the times may vary, essentially these are very quick dolls to crochet and are the perfect last minute crochet gift!

Can a beginner crochet these dolls?

Yes, absolutely. These small crochet dolls can (and have been!) crocheted by beginners. The patterns are very simple and require just the basic skills of amigurumi. The arms can be a little bit tricky for someone starting out but we have helpful tips and tricks to help with the arms to make them easier. Some people also find small dolls a little fiddly. If that is the case, beginners may try our larger crochet ballerina doll, which is an easy crochet doll pattern.

How do I make larger crochet dolls?

If you want to enlarge your Kozu Palm Pals dolls, you can use thicker yarn with a larger hook. We’ve seen some really adorable versions in chunky yarn! However, these patterns are made to be small so if you want to crochet a doll that is significantly larger, we would recommend that you try out our Zoya & Zayd crochet doll series. Those dolls range from 10.5″ to 12″ using DK yarn – and if you use a thicker yarn then they are much bigger!

How do you customise these dolls to make personalized mini-me crochet dolls?

The best part about these patterns is that they all have the same base. This means that you can get creative with them and mix and match different elements from one doll onto another. So I love using the Kozu Palm Pals pattern to crochet personalised dolls. One tip that we would suggest is to use a photo of your recipient and work off that. If you match the outfit and the hairstyle to a single photograph, it really helps in showing the likeness! Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the classic side-by-side photo comparison now, would you?

What yarn do you need to crochet these dolls?

You can use any yarn with the relevant hook size to crochet these dolls. Typically for amigurumi that means going down two hook sizes from the size recommended on the yarn label. We use DK yarn with a 2.5 mm hook to crochet these dolls. However, our pattern testers and other have used worsted weight yarn for the dolls – they just turn out marginally bigger. If you want a much bigger doll, you can try out chunky yarn to crochet your dolls!

I’m finding the arms difficult to crochet. Do you have any tips?

The arms for these dolls can be a little fiddly to crochet since it’s just 4 stitches around for each round. However, with a little bit of practice, you will get used to them! This video and tutorial by Planet June makes it a little bit easier.

If you’re still having trouble crocheting the arms, one trick that you can use is to go down a hook side and then increase the number of rounds in the arms to 5 or 6. This way, it’s not as narrow but you still have arms that aren’t super bulky!

Will you be adding more little crochet dolls to the series?

You bet! We can’t get enough of these tiny crochet dolls! Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on new Kozu Palm Pals (and other!) patterns. If you have any suggestions of small dolls that you would like us to crochet for the series, send us a message – we would love to hear from you!

Can I sell dolls made from these patterns?

Yes you absolutely can! However, please don’t use our images in your product listings and give chaicoffeecrochet.com credit as the pattern designers.

Do you offer ads-free PDF patterns of your dolls?

We hear you – ads can be frustrating. However, they are what help us offset the cost of running the website to keep bringing you cute free amigurumi patterns. If you would prefer, we sell ads-free, print-friendly PDFs of all of our patterns in our Ravelry store for a small price.

What are other small amigurumi patterns that I can crochet?

If you enjoyed crocheting these small dolls, you will also love our Kozu Palm Pets, a series of small crochet animal patterns! The animals in the series are low-sew and take just a couple of hours to crochet.