amigurumi halloween crochet patterns that you will love

30+ Halloween Amigurumi Patterns that you will love!

Looking for cute Amigurumi Halloween Crochet Patterns?

Halloween is coming up and we just love to crochet Halloween amigurumi! They’re so much fun to make and there’s such wide variety of fun characters to try. While we may no longer be able to enjoy the fun of dressing up in costumes for Halloween (actually – who are we kidding!), it’s a great way to celebrate the playful and spooky nature of the Halloween festivities.

We’ve put together a round up of cute Halloween amigurumi patterns that we think you will absolutely love! Whether you’re looking for quick Halloween crochet patterns or if you prefer a large Halloween amigurumi stuffie, we’ve got you covered.

These patterns work as fun Halloween crochet gifts, crochet Halloween decor, or as quick Halloween giveaways to crochet for the little people in your life!

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Free Halloween Amigurumi Patterns

Zeena the Mini Amigurumi Witch

Meet Zeena, the mini crochet witch in this free pattern by Chai Coffee Crochet. At 4.5 inches tall (without the hat), she works up really fast, is easy to make, and is a perfect quick Halloween amigurumi pattern! Her dress and hat are removable so you can dress her up in other clothes from our Kozu Palm Pals mini crochet doll series after Halloween is over! You can find the pattern here.

mini crochet witch

Bat Draculon

Make this cute and easy ragdoll amigurumi bat for Halloween by Yarnhild. This little friendly bat is so easy and cute, and it would be a great crochet Halloween gift for children as well! You can find the free pattern here.


Cuteness alert: this Frankenstein is so stinkin’ cute! Whether you’ve read Mary Shelley’s famous novel or not, Frankenstein is inextricably linked with Halloween! This cutie by Stringy Ding Ding is such a fun amigurumi to crochet for Halloween! You can find the free pattern here.

Design Your Own Crochet Monster

Our Design Your Own Crochet Monster by Chai Coffee Crochet is the perfect Halloween crochet project to do with kids! With our free printable, kids can design their own amigurumi monsters and then you crochet them to life, using our free pattern and printable. It’s a good way to get children involved to design a unique Halloween amigurumi that they will love! The best part? The patterns for all the parts are so simple – even a beginner can crochet these monsters! You can find the free pattern here.

15 Minute No-Sew Crochet Ghost

This cute little crochet ghost is a no-sew amigurumi pattern that can be completed in just 15 minutes! No sewing and 15 minutes? Yes please! Crochet a ghost (or 20 – they work up so quickly!) for your next Halloween party! It also makes for a really cute Halloween crochet keychain. You can find our free pattern here.

Crochet Witch Gnomes

Oh my goodness you guys – these witch gnomes by Jen Hayes Creations are the cutest aren’t they? Wouldn’t they make fabulous decor to put around your home for Halloween? Or you could crochet this cute witch gnome as a Halloween amigurumi stuffie! You can find the free pattern here.

Topsy Turvy Crochet Witch Doll

This topsy turvy witch doll by My Fingers Fly is such a fun crochet project for Halloween! From a princess to an evil witch, you can switch between the two for hours of play fun. (It’s how I switch between the two before I’ve had my morning caffeine – lol!). You can find the free pattern here.

Purple People Eating Crochet Monster

This Purple People Eating Monster by Hooked on Patterns is a great if you’re looking for ideas on what to crochet for Halloween. While this little guy will be perfect for the spooky season, he will also be loved all year round! You can find the free pattern here.

Viktor the Crochet Vampire

Viktor is a sweet little vampire by Chai Coffee Crochet. You can, of course, make him a bit spookier and more scary Halloween-y by embroidering scary fangs or accentuating his features to make them spooky. This cute little vampire is a fun Halloween amigurumi to crochet. Part of our Kozu Palm Pals series of mini crochet dolls, this little vampire takes just a couple of hours to crochet! You can find the free pattern here.

Jiji the Amigurumi Black Cat

This cute amigurumi black cat by Once Upon a Cheerio is such a fun Halloween crochet project! It’s made in faux fur yarn so is super cuddly! He can be posed in different ways and is perfect for hours to play through the Halloween season and beyond! You can find the free pattern here.

Wee Little Ghostie Amigurumi

These little crochet ghosts by Crafty Kitty Crochet are a lot of Halloween fun! The pattern lets you customize them with all kinds of accessories, like a witch hat, top hat, bows, and more! Plus, they are very small and quick to make, and don’t use much yarn – a perfect stashbuster project! They would be excellent as small crochet Halloween gifts or even favors / prizes in a Halloween Scavenger Hunt! The possibilities are endless! You can find the free pattern here.

Crochet Candy Corn

When you think of Halloween, it’s hard not to think of pockets full of candy corn. That sugary goodness along with the fun Halloween colour pallet made them quite irresistible. I don’t know about you, but now I find them a little too sweet! Well, these adorable crochet candy corn by Crochet 365 Knit Too allows you to have a sugar-free alternative to this yummy Halloween treat. The eyes on these little guys are just beyond cute, aren’t they? You can find the free pattern here.

Pumpkin Head Amigurumi Doll

This adorable pumpkin head doll by Sweet Softies is the perfect “spooky-cute” amigurumi to crochet for Halloween! Just 4 inches tall, he’s a super cute little quick Halloween amigurumi! You can find the free pattern here.

Marvin the Crochet Mummy

This adorable crochet mummy by Chai Coffee Crochet is such a fun amigurumi for Halloween! Like all the other Kozu Palm Pals series of mini crochet dolls, he is only 4.5 inches tall and can be crocheted in just a couple of hours. He can also be crocheted along with Zeena the mini crochet witch and Viktor the amigurumi vampire for a complete mini Halloween crochet set! You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet mummy for Halloween

Necrocia the Zombie Mermaid Amigurumi

Meet Necrocia. This little amigurumi zombie mermaid by Hooked by Kati had a fun-loving life and she plans on having a fun-loving afterlife. Missing an arm won’t hold her back, and her exposed brains? Consider them a hair accessory! She’s perfect if you’re looking for a spooky Halloween project to crochet. You can find the free pattern here.

Cuddly Candy Corn Crochet Stuffie

When you think of Halloween, you think of candy corn (although as an adult I find them too sweet now!). Why not crochet an amigurumi candy corn toy by Crochet Wizzard for your little one as a cute Halloween crochet gift? (And the best part? They won’t come with the sugar high that the real stuff gives!) You can find the free pattern here.

Harry Potter Mini Crochet Dolls

When thinking of crochet Halloween projects, don’t forget this magical trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione! These wizards are perfect for Halloween or any time of the year (who can get enough of Harry Potter!). This mini Harry Potter crochet doll set by Chai Coffee Crochet is from our Kozu Palm Pals mini crochet dolls series make for a quick crochet Halloween amigurumi gift! You can find the free pattern here.

Harry Potter crochet dolls - Harry, Ron, and Hermione amigurumi

Little Ghost

This little ghost by Stitch by Fay is such a cute little guy! The ghost is practically a no-sew amigurumi pattern, except that you have to sew on his trendy pumpkin chapeau! This would be really fun and quick to crochet for the kids for the Halloween spooky season! You can find the free pattern here.

Paid Halloween Crochet Patterns

Dark the Devil Amigurumi Doll

Meet Dark the Devil Amigurumi doll by Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts. This nearly no-sew Halloween amigurumi pattern is cuddle sized and would make an adorable crochet Halloween gift. You can buy the pattern here.

Halloween Crochet Decoration: Bat, Devil and Vampire

Set of three amigurumi Halloween toys by Rnata would be perfect to decorate your home this Halloween! You can buy the pattern here.

Cruella Crochet Doll

I haven’t seen the most recent film yet but I loved 101 Dalmatians as a kid! This Cruella amigurumi doll by Beary Bearnita Designs is so cute! You can buy the pattern here.

Gritty Gravestone Amigurumi

This kawaii little amigurumi by Knot Bad Crochet is perfect for spooky season – tombstones don’t always have to be so creepy! You can crochet this cute little guy to add cuteness to your Halloween decor. You can buy the pattern here.

Voodoo Crochet Doll

Scary and cute at the same time. This amigurumi voodoo doll pattern by Blue Rabbit Toys makes for the perfect crochet Halloween gift! You can buy the pattern here.

Wendy the Crochet Witch

Meet Wendy the Crochet witch by Poppy Crochet Designs. This adorable amigurumi witch is sure to win many hearts! You can buy the pattern here.

Alida the Little Amigurumi Witch Doll

This super cute crochet witch doll by Meow Amigurumi will ensure that your house will look unique and festive this season. It is a perfect amigurumi Halloween gift for children too! You can buy the pattern here.

Baby Vampire Crochet Plushie

Vampires are supposed to be scary, but this baby amigurumi vampire by Mumigurumi is just so darn cute! You can buy the pattern here.

Morty the Crochet Reaper

Morty is not your typical scary Grim Reaper. This crochet grim reaper by Crafty Gibbon amigurumi is super friendly, cute and fast to make. He would make a great crochet Halloween gift for people of all ages. You can buy the pattern here.

Pumpkin Baby Witch Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet this cute chubby pumpkin crochet witch doll by Anan Ami Love for Halloween! You can buy the pattern here.

Amigurumi Witch

Here is another adorable tiny crochet witch – this one by the Wandering Deer! This one is quick and easy to crochet – and oh so cute! It would make for a really fun Halloween crochet play set! You can buy the pattern here.

Vincenzo the Amigurumi Vampire

Vincenzo the amigurumi vampire by Roxy’s Crochet is a really cute Halloween crochet project! He would make a wonderful Halloween crochet decor or just a fun Halloween amigurumi gift. You can buy the pattern here.

We hope you enjoyed these cute amigurumi patterns as much as we did!

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