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25+ Crochet Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree

Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns That You Will Love!

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to crochet Christmas ornaments to decorate those Christmas trees!

I love the tradition of decorating a tree for the holidays. It just adds an element of festivity to the house and it’s so much fun to keep adding to your collection of ornaments. They really tell a story, don’t they? As crocheters, the Christmas Tree tradition is even more exciting because it gives us yet another excuse to crochet! Plus, how special is it to have an ornament that you’ve made with your own hands and a lot of love to adorn your tree? It gives it that handmade touch that really makes it stand out.

Plus, you can gift crocheted ornaments to friends and family, to add a little bit of you to their holiday tree! They also make great smaller items to sell at Christmas craft fairs (be sure to check out our craft fair tips!)

So, to help you add that handmade touch this holiday season, we have put together a collection of awesome crochet Christmas ornaments from some of our most favourite crochet designers for your Christmas tree this year!

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Amigurumi Crochet Christmas Ornaments

If you love amigurumi as much as we do, add a little bit of Christmas cheer to your tree with amigurumi ornaments. They add the requisite holiday cuteness to your tree.

Santa and His Elves Ornaments

No Christmas tree can be complete without this jolly guy and his helpers. This mini Santa pattern from our Kozu Palm Pals mini crochet dolls series is about 4.5 inches tall (excluding the hat) and would really dress up your tree. You can pair Santa with his sweet elves Elliot and Ella for a really delightful holiday tree. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet Santa and a girl and boy elf

Small Crochet Reindeer Ornament

What is Christmas time without sweet little Rudolph? This adorable crochet reindeer can be crocheted in just a couple of hours to sprinkle a little bit of magic on your tree! And what a great gift to a special someone in your life for their tree? You can find the free pattern here.

Christmas Pudding Ornament

I love this Christmas pudding ornament by A Little Love Everyday! A kawaii Christmas pudding? How can you resist? You get to enjoy Christmas pudding – but without all those extra calories! You can find the free pattern here.

Christmas pudding crochet ornament

Crochet Christmas Ornament Trio

This adorable Christmas Trio by My Crochet Chums is just so cute! This Santa, elf, and reindeer trio of ornaments is so much fun to crochet. I love all the little details on each of the ornaments. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet Santa, Elf, and reindeer Christmas ornaments

Santa Flamingo Ornament

Bring the tropics into your home this Christmas with the Santa Flamingo Christmas Ornament by Wayward Pineapple Creations. This adorable flamingo is easy to crochet. I just love how quirky it is – a flamingo in a Santa hat? lol. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet flamingo ornament with a Santa hat

Peppermint Snail Ornament

It’s the holiday season and theses peppermint snails are ready to party! Add some festive vibes to your tree with these fun amigurumi snail ornaments by Tiny Curl. You can almost smell the peppermint with these sweet little guys. Find the free pattern here.

crochet snails with a peppermint shell and Christmas hats

Hot Cocoa Gnome Ornament

This Amigurumi Hot Cocoa Gnome by Crafty Kitty Crochet is a cute, fun, and easy to make ornament that’s perfect for everyone on your gift list! It’s a unique Christmas twist on the current Gnome craze, with a hot cocoa and marshmallow hat! You can find the free pattern here.

gnome crochet ornament with a hot cocoa hat with mashmallows and a candy cane

Ragdoll Snowman Ornament

While not technically amigurumi, these adorable ragdoll style snowmen by Loops and Love crochet are just too cute for words. Those earmuffs, you guy -I can’t even! They would look super cute on your Christmas tree this holiday season. You can find the free pattern here.

rag doll style snowman crochet ornaments with a scarf and mufflers

Owl Ornament

Calling all owl lovers! This owl by My Fingers Fly is the perfect ornament to crochet for your holiday tree. Simple yet elegant, it is a really fun ornament to crochet. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet owl ornament

Hot Chocolate Mug Amigurumi

On a cold winter evening, there’s nothing better than being curled up on the couch with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. This adorable amigurumi hot chocolate ornament is such a wonderful way to encapsulate this winter tradition on your Christmas tree. My favourite part about this pattern is that she includes suggestions on how to add fragrance to your ornament to give it even more of that winter feel. You can find the free pattern here.

amigurumi hot cocoa mug ornaments

Snowman Crochet Christmas Ornament

This adorable little snowman by Stitch by Fay would be a great addition to crochet for your tree this Christmas. While he’s super simple to crochet, he’s equally adorable! You can find the free pattern here.

amigurumi snowman ornament

Amigurumi Unicorn Ornament

Add some magic to your Christmas tree this year with this adorable unicorn amigurumi ornament by Simply Melanie Jane. This little cutie would be the perfect gift to crochet for the unicorn lover in your life. You can find the free pattern here.

amigurumi unicorn ornament

Gnome Ornament

This Christmas gnome crochet ornament from Nana’s Craft Home is a really simple but cute addition to your tree. I don’t know what it is about gnomes, but I’m all in with this craze! This pattern is really simple yet will add some extra cuteness to your tree this year. You can find the free pattern here.

small crochet gnome ornaments

Crochet Christmas Bell Ornament

Ring in Christmas with this adorable kawaii Christmas bell ornament on your tree. This pattern is a no-sew pattern – and there’s a video tutorial as well if you are confused about some of the tricky parts. You can find the free pattern here.

kawaii crochet christmas bell with holly on top

Crochet Christmas Baubles

These patterns add a unique crochet twist to traditional Christmas baubles.

Christmas Bauble

In this pattern by The Burgundy Basket, you learn how to make a crochet ornament using foam balls and ornament toppers. In this pattern, you simply crochet a covering for the foam balls and, voila! You have a gorgeous crocheted Christmas ornament for your tree! You can find the free pattern here.

crochet traditional baubles

Stunning Vintage Vibe Crochet Christmas Ornament

This stunning crochet bauble by Crochet 365 Knit Too will really spruce up your Christmas Tree. It really gives me those old timey vintage feels and I just love it! You can customise it whatever colours you want to go with your holiday theme – so it makes for a great stash busting project. You can find the free pattern here.

vintage crochet baubles

Christmas Traditions Ornament

This gorgeous ornament by Rich Textures Crochet would be such a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree this year. Simple yet elegant, this ornament can be crocheted in under an hour. So it’s really the perfect addition to your tree – plus you can easily crochet it for friends to add to their tree (a little bit of you in their home – how lovely is that?). You can find the free pattern here.

pretty crochet bauble

Flatland Christmas Bauble

This flatland Christmas Bauble by Once Upon a Cheerio is a really cute addition to your tree. Unlike traditional baubles, it’s constructed flat in the style of a rag doll. It’s really a unique twist to the traditional holiday bauble and we love it! You can find the free pattern here.

flat crochet bauble

Snowfall Bauble

The Snowfall Bauble by Morine’s Shop is a gorgeous crochet Christmas ornament pattern that uses intarsia technique to produce a beautiful snowfall effect. It depicts a winter scene with a cabin, a tree, and snowfall. Rustic yet elegant, this is an ornament that will really stand out. You can find the free pattern here.

snowfall crochet bauble

Christmas Bauble

This gorgeous Christmas bauble is a really elegant ornament to crochet for your tree. This pattern by Thoresby Cottage offers variations to the pattern to allow for varying designs to crochet this wonderful bauble set for Christmas this year. You can find the free pattern here.

More Crochet Decor for your Christmas Tree

These crochet ornaments range from whimsical little ornaments to a garland for your tree and will really help up the decor this year.

Rustic Tree Ornament

This rustic tree ornament by Regina P Designs will make a gorgeous addition to crochet for your tree. I love the idea of using a button to attach it to jute, giving it a completely rustic look. Don’t you get those pinecones and hot cocoa feels with this one? You can find the free pattern here.

rustic pine tree crochet ornaments

Crochet Winter Ornaments

These stunning winter ornaments by Golden Lucy Crafts are a must for any tree! The pattern has two options – you can either crochet a snowman ornament or one with a Christmas tree. Whichever one you choose (and let’s get real – you’re totally going to crochet both!), it will really add a bit of winter magic to your holiday tree. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet ornaments with snowfall. one has a christmas tree and the other a snowman

Gift Card Stockings

These little stockings by Jen Hayes creations will look so cute on your tree. And better yet, you can stick little gift cards in them for a holiday surprise on Christmas day. They’re great stash busters because you can use all your leftover Christmas yarn to make them – which leaves you an excuse to go out and buy more yarn. A win-win, wouldn’t you say? Get the free pattern here.

crochet small socks with gift cards

Frilly Tree Ornament

This sweet little frilly tree ornament by Hooked by Kati is a really quick and simple pattern to crochet for your tree. A tree for your tree – how sweet is that? The pattern uses a wine cork as the base and very simple picot stitches to get the frilly effect. You can find the pattern here.

frilly tree crochet ornaments

Gingerbread House Ornament

Gingerbread houses are such an iconic reminder of the Christmas season. To commemorate this fun (and delicious!) tradition, crochet this gingerbread house ornament by Raffamusa Designs for your tree this year. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet gingerbread house applique

Christmas Tree Garland

This lovely yet simple Christmas tree garland by Hooked on Patterns will add some oomph to your tree this Christmas. You can crochet this garland for your tree – but it would also make for some lovely holiday decor around the house. You can find the free pattern here.

crochet christmas tree garland

Frequently Asked Questions About Crochet Christmas Ornaments

What is the best yarn for crochet Christmas ornaments?

You can use any yarn to crochet your Christmas ornaments, depending on the pattern that you use! If you would like your ornaments to be similar size to that in the pattern, you should follow the yarn noted in the pattern. If you decide to go with a thicker yarn than the pattern suggests, just note that your ornaments will be larger than the pattern indicates. Similarly, if you use a thinner yarn to crochet your ornaments than the pattern suggests, your finished product may be smaller than the pattern suggests.

How do you crochet easy Christmas ornaments?

What Christmas ornaments feel easy for you will depend on what you’re experienced in doing. If you are someone who crochets amigurumi, perhaps a simple bauble like the one by the Burgundy Basket may be the easiest ornament for you to crochet. However, if you are someone who prefers crocheting two-dimensional projects, you may prefer something flat like the rustic tree ornament by Regina P Designs. It really all depends on your skill level. But you will never know what you can do until you try!

Final Thoughts: Crochet Christmas Ornaments

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