Harry Potter Mini dolls set

Harry Potter crochet doll set

We’re so excited to introduce this crochet Harry Potter mini dolls set, a really fun new addition to our Kozu Palm Pals series! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I started reading the books soon after Book 4 was released, and spent the better part of the next 7 years just WAITING for each new book to be released. Then a few weeks ago, Juna had a play date for his birthday and we decided to make Kozu Palm Pals mini crochet dolls as giveaways for the kids who came. One of them is 10 years old and a huge Harry Potter fan so we decided to try and make his doll look like Harry Potter, which ultimately inspired the series. And the best part? Making these crochet Harry Potter crochet dolls reminded me of how obsessed I was with the books and so I am rereading the series now after thirteen years and falling in love with it all over again!

This crochet Harry Potter mini dolls set includes a Harry Potter crochet doll, a Hermione Granger crochet doll, and a Ron Weasley crochet doll. The dolls are easy and work up really fast (so they are perfect last-minute crochet gifts for the Potterhead in your life). Each doll stands at approximately 4.5 inches and takes two to three hours to make.

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crochet Hermione Granger mini doll, crochet Harry Potter mini doll, and crochet Ron weasley mini doll standing against Harry Potter books
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