mini crochet doll with two hair buns and a watermelon dress

Dua the Watermelon Crochet Doll for Summer (Free Pattern)

Bring a slice of summer into your life with Dua the watermelon crochet doll. This summer crochet doll has the cutest hair buns and an adorable watermelon dress. She is part of our Kozu Palm Pals series of amigurumi dolls and so the hairstyle options are endless. Plus, her crochet dress is removable and so you can complete her wardrobe by choosing more outfits from our small crochet dress up dolls series.

3 summer crochet dolls with different hairstyles in watermelon dresses
You can make this doll in any of the many hairstyles in the Kozu Palm Pals crochet doll series.
crochet doll with removable clothes
There are many options of ourfits to use for this doll from our crochet dress up dolls series

The Inspiration for Dua, the Watermelon Crochet Doll

Dua means prayer. She was inspired by the children of Gaza – children like Hind Rajab, Reem, Sidra, and countless others – the beautiful souls who we have lost in Israel’s brutal genocide and those who continue to live under the indiscriminate bombing and brutal seige. It’s been a hundred and fifty heart-breaking days of genocide. My heart breaks that this world is allowing Israel’s genocide of Palestinians to continue, unabated, and I pray that we find our humanity and peace comes soon.

Her crochet dress is in the shape of a watermelon, which has come to become as a symbol for Palestine. Since watermelons have the colours of the Palestinian flag in them, people increasingly use watermelons in their social media posts to represent Palestine to block shadow bans that have resulted in posts in support of Palestine.

While this pattern is free on our blog, all proceeds from the sale of this watermelon crochet doll pattern in our Ravelry store will be donated to an organization providing humanitarian relief in Gaza.

If you’re looking for more patterns to express solidarity for Palestine, we also have a free pattern for a Palestinian flag crochet heart. Plus, we also have a round up of patterns for Palestine solidarity from a number of talented crochet designers.

amigurumi watermelon doll

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Crochet Watermelon Doll Free Pattern

This pattern is for your personal use only and cannot be sold, copied, or reproduced in any way without permission from the designers. You may sell finished objects made from this pattern in small quantities but please give credit to as the pattern designer.

Tools & Supplies to Crochet an Amigurumi Watermelon Doll

  • Yarn: You need a very small amount of yarn in skin colour, red, white, green, and black
  • 2.75 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Two pairs of 6mm safety eyes

Crochet Watermelon Doll: Stitches Used & Abbreviations

This pattern is written in US terms and crocheted in continuous rounds unless specified otherwise.

Sl st: slip stitch

SC: single crochet

INV DEC: invisible decrease

INC: two SC in the same stitch

BLO: back loops only

Pattern notes & Tips

  • Difficulty level: Familiar beginner
  • This pattern is written in US terms.
  • This pattern is crocheted in continuous rounds unless specified otherwise. Use a stitch marker on the first stitch of every round so that you don’t lose track of the start of your round.
  • This watermelon crochet doll was made using DK yarn. However, you may use any yarn with the relevant hook. Usually, for amigurumi you go down 2-3 sizes from that recommended on the yarn label. Variations in yarn size will result in a bigger or smaller crochet doll.
  • The arms can be a little fiddly since they are very small. If you are having trouble making them, you can try crocheting 5 SC in each round, which will result in slightly larger arm.
  • The dress should be put onto the doll from the legs up, as the head is too large.
  • This doll is part of the Kozu Palm Pals crochet dolls series. The dolls in the series all have haircaps that are interchangeable and so you have over 15 haircaps to choose from!
  • This watermelon doll dress is removeable, so you can make her additional outfits from our crochet dress up dolls series.

Finished Size of the Watermelon Crochet Doll

This watermelon crochet doll is approximately 4.5 inches tall, using DK yarn.

How to Crochet a Watermelon Doll


To begin, you will need to make the basic Kozu Palm Pals crochet doll body for this doll. Once you have made the body, come back here and we’ll crochet Dua’s hair and her watermelon dress!

Hair Cap

Note: This pattern comes with a  hair cap with bangs and two hair buns. However, any of the hair caps in our Kozu Palm Pals doll series fit this doll.

Using hair colour yarn.

Round 1: SC 6 into a magic ring.

Round 2: INC in each stitch around (12)

Round 3: (SC, INC) six times (18)

Round 4: (2 SC, INC) six times (24)

Round 5-8 (4 rounds): SC around (24)

Note: The hair cap width can vary based on the yarn that you’re using so try it onto your doll’s head and see if you want to increase or decrease rounds here before working on the final round.

Round 9: The hair cap instructions for this round can be confusing so I’m going to break them down into sections. Please note that the next section of bullet points are all for Round 9 of the hair cap:

  • First we will begin by making five bangs in the front of the head: (Chain 4, starting from the second chain on the hook, 3 sl st back down the chain, slip stitch in the next SC in the hair cap). Repeat for a total of five times.
  •  19 SC
  • Sl st to the first stitch of this Round.

Sew the hair cap on. Put one stitch into each of the bangs while you are sewing to keep them in place.

Hair Buns (make 2)

Using the hair colour yarn

Round 1: SC 6 into a magic ring.

Round 2: INC in each stitch around (12)

Round 3-5 (3 rounds): SC around (12)

Now stuff the hair bun well

Round 6: INV DEC six times (6)

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing. Sew the hair buns on either side of the head, between Rounds 3 and 5.


Note: This pattern comes with a watermelon dress. However, the clothes are removable so you can dress her up with the clothes from any of the other dolls in our Kozu Palm Pals dress up dolls series.

Tip: The clothes were designed using the same hook and yarn size as the doll. However, as you are making the clothes, keep trying them on your doll to ensure that they fit. If they are too snug or too big, you can go up or down a hook size.

Note that the clothes should be put onto your doll from legs up, rather than over the head.

Crochet doll dress in the design of a watermelon

Begin with red

You will begin with two rows. Then in the third row, you will join the two ends with a sl st and continue in rounds. The slip stitch and chain between rounds do not count as stitches.

Row 1: Chain 18. Start in the second chain from the hook and SC across (17)

Row 2: Chain 1 and turn. INC in each SC across (34)

Round 3: Chain 1 and turn. 5 SC, skip 7 stitches, 10 SC, skip 7 stitches, 5 SC and sl st to the first SC (20)

The skipped stitches will form the sleeves.

Round 4: Chain 1. SC in each stitch around and sl st to the first SC. (20)

Round 5: Chain 1. (9 SC, INC) twice, and sl st to the first SC (22)

Round 6: Chain 1, (10 SC, INC) twice and sl st to the first SC. (24)

Change to white

Round 7: Chain 1, 24 SC and sl st to the first SC. (24)

Change to green

Round 8: Chain 1, 24 SC and sl st to the first SC. (24)

Fasten off. Use a long strand of black yarn to embroider on the watermelon seeds. Weave in the ends.

small crochet doll with two hair buns and a watermelon dress

Your mini summer crochet doll is now complete.