7 small crochet dress up dolls with removable clothes

Small Crochet Dolls with Clothes (Free Patterns)

Small Dress Up Crochet Dolls with Removable Clothes

Our crochet dress up dolls from our Kozu Palm Pals small crochet doll series are such fun and easy patterns. They were actually the first amigurumi patterns that we ever designed for our blog (and honestly the impetus for us launching Chai Coffee Crochet!)! These dress up crochet dolls first designed because my nephews wanted little siblings for their larger crochet dolls. And so when I started designing a doll base, I decided to crochet dolls with clothes because how fun is it to change doll clothes!

I remember when we were kids, my sister had a Barbie with a really extensive wardrobe with the best clothes (it was the 80s so shoulder pads, leg warmers and the like!) and I was SO envious. So when we played with our dolls, she would only allow me to use her clothes if her doll could be the star of the show (the smartest, prettiest, most popular, etc.). So perhaps designing my own crochet doll clothes wardrobe was my way of getting back at my sis. Lol – just kidding.

small crochet dress up doll in the center with removable clothes from her wardrobe around her

About the Crochet Dress Up Dolls Patterns

Our Kozu Palm Pals dress up dolls all are made from our standard crochet doll body. So first crochet a base for your doll and the magic begins from there! (I love when the dolls transform from a basic doll body to a complete character!).

All the Kozu Palm Pals dolls are made from the same pattern so the hair caps are all interchangeable (not just the ones from the our dress up dolls – but of all the amigurumi dolls in the series!). I love that because you can really customise the look as you like (and I love matching the hair with the hair style of the kid that I am making the doll for). I also often use these patterns to make personalised crochet dolls for people!

The crochet doll clothes are all removable and can be interchanged (so you can make an entire wardrobe for each of the dolls). They are put onto the dolls from the legs up (the doll heads are too big to put them on the other way!). The clothes were all crocheted with the same hook size as the doll bodies. However, yarn sizes and tension can vary so you should try on the clothes on your doll as you go along to ensure that they fit. If they are too snug or too big, you can go up or down a hook size as needed.

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The patterns are all free on our blog but if you would like an ads-free print-friendly PDF pattern, you can buy them from our Ravelry Store.

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Small Crochet Dolls with Clothes Free Patterns

1. Lyla

Lyla is a sweet little crochet doll with a pony tail and a cute sundress.

2. Faiz

Faiz is our first (and hopefully more will follow!) small crochet boy dress up doll! His cute little overalls will work with both boy and girl dolls alike. We need to crochet more doll clothes for boys for this series!

small crochet boy doll with overalls

3. Maya

Maya has adorable little pigtails and her crochet skirt and blouse just so cute!

small crochet doll with pigtails and a skirt and blouse

4. Zayna

Zayna is a cute summer crochet doll. With her two braids and tankini, Zayna is dressed in the perfect outfit for a day at the beach!

5. Noor

Noor has long latched hair and an adorable outfit with jeans, a tshirt, and a cute little hairband with a bow.

6. Eman

Eman is our sweet little doll with wavy hair an a lacy dress – perfect for a party!

small crochet doll with wavy hair and a removable lacy dress

7. Zeena

Zeena is a sweet little crochet witch. Her removable dress is perfect for all occasions!

small crochet witch

8. Malala

Our Malala doll’s crochet outift is all removable. Her dupatta (or scarf) is no, but you can make the rest of the outfit for one of the other dolls in the series.

small crochet malala doll with salwar kurta

Final Thoughts on our Small Crochet Dolls with Clothes

We hope you enjoyed these free crochet dress up doll patterns! Enjoy crocheting these dolls with their fun outifts for all occasions! Don’t limit yourself to just one – try all the hair style and removable crochet doll clothes and make a collection of dolls with complete wardrobes!

small crochet dress up dolls in a circle with removable clothes and different hairstyles

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Small Crochet Dolls with Clothes Free Patterns