Become a Pattern Tester for Us!

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Pattern Tester Expectations

a) Complete the test by the given deadline. We understand that things come up in life but we ask that you let us know if there are any unforeseen delays. Failure to communicate about delays in advance may result in your removal from our tester email list.

b) Feel free to use any yarn and colour palette that you prefer.

c) Provide feedback on the pattern including any errors in row counts, clarity of instruction, and errors in the flow of the text that you notice. We request that you check the counts in each row to ensure that they are correct.

d) Communicate with us on email with any issues or errors you notice during the test. Please let us know of any errors that you catch as they come up – so that we can clarify what we meant, as it may be different from what you think it should be.

e) Share at least one high-quality picture with us of your finished toy that you would be okay with us sharing on our social media (with credit to you of course).

f) Fill out a very brief form with your feedback in which we ask you to share any errors you may have found, feedback on the pattern and pictures, the yarn you used, how long it took you to complete, and the finished size of your toy.