how to join legs for amigurumi

How to Join Legs for Amigurumi

Join Legs for Amigurumi Tutorial

Joining legs to amigurumi can feel very overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. But it’s really quite easy. We love patterns in which you work the legs and body in one piece because they reduce sewing – and sewing is not our, um, favourite activity.

Today, we will show you two tutorials: how to join legs for amigurumi with and without chains. This will depend on what your pattern calls for.

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image of legs being crocheted together. Text says "how to join legs for amigurumi"

Joining Legs for Amigurumi without Chains (Juna Series)

Directly joining legs for amigurumi is a method that we use for our Juna Series of amigurumi animals. This is a really simple method, as you’re literally just crocheting around the two legs. This method will leave a hole between the legs so you can use the leftover yarn tail from your first leg to sew the hole closed.

Step 1

You begin after you crochet both the legs. You have fastened off for Leg 1 but you haven’t fastened off for Leg 2. You now insert your hook into the last unworked stitch of Leg 1 and slip stitch. Insert the stitch marker, as this is the first stitch of your next round.

Step 2

You now continue crocheting around the remaining stitches of Leg 1 and insert your hook into the first unworked stitch of Leg 2 and single crochet.

Step 3

You now continue crocheting around Leg 2.

Your legs are now joined!

Joining Crochet Doll Legs using Chains

The next method we will show you is how to join legs for your crochet doll using chains. Using chains make for a wider torso (sort of like crocheting an oval) and is a very common method on a number of patterns.

For example, we use this for our Zoya and Zayd crochet dolls and our Kozu Palm Pals mini dolls. While the number of stitches vary for these patterns and the number of chains used to join the legs, the method is the same.

We will show you the method using our Zoya ballerina crochet doll as an example:

Step 1: Chain 3 (or the number of chain required by your pattern) and SC into the first unworked stitch of the other leg. SC in each stitch around the leg.

Step 2: SC in each of the three chains

Step 3: SC around the leg and into the back loop of each of the chains on the other side.

Step 4: Your legs for your crochet doll are now joined! Continue with your pattern as instructed.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful!

How to Join Legs for Amigurumi