small crochet lion with a shaggy mane

Small Crochet Lion Free Pattern

Let’s Crochet a Small Amigurumi Lion Together!

Ready to embark on a roaring adventure? Introducing our small crochet lion pattern – your ticket to creating the cutest little king of the jungle! Part of our Kozu Palm Pets series of small crochet animals, this little guy is perfect for beginners or more experienced crocheters, as this pattern is a breeze to follow.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you stitch by stitch to bring this pint-sized lion to life. From its shaggy mane (I just love it!) to his palm sized cuteness, you’ll be amazed at how easy and adorable this project is. Whether you’re whipping up a handmade gift for that special someone or simply indulging in some therapeutic crochet time, our small crochet lion pattern has got you covered.

So grab your favorite yarn, crochet hook, and get ready to create a pocket-sized jungle buddy that’ll steal your heart. Let’s dive into the world of amigurumi magic – because who can resist the charm of a mini lion made with love?

super easy small crochet lion free pattern

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About this Small Crochet Lion Pattern

This small crochet lion pattern is a low-sew amigurumi lion pattern. The arms, legs, body, and head are all crocheted in one pice. However, to ensure that the pattern works as it should, be sure to work the pattern in the order that it is written, as you will need to finish off the arms first so that you can crochet them in.

This amigurumi lion is just 4 inches tall – it can fit into the palm of your hand! I love the lion’s shaggy mane. It’s just too cute isn’t it? To be honest, it is a little time consuming to make but the results are completely worth it, don’t you think? Plus, just do it it mindlessly in front of the TV, as the hair doesn’t take a lot of focus to latch on. We have a step-by-step tutorial on how to latch the hair onto the mane so it will be rather easy to do!

You can increase the size of the lion by using a thicker yarn. With super bulky yarn and a 7mm hook, it should turn out to be 11 inches tall.

Small Crochet Lion Free Pattern

This pattern is for your personal use only and cannot be sold, copied, or reproduced in any way without permission from the designers. You may sell finished objects made from this pattern in small quantities but please give credit to as the pattern designer.

Tools and Supplies that You Will Need to Crochet a Small Lion

  • Yarn: You need a small amount of yarn in yellow and brown and scrap yarn in white
  • 2.75 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Two 7 mm safety eyes

Mini Crochet Lion: Stitches That you Will Need to Use & Abbreviations

This pattern is written in US terms and crocheted in continuous rounds unless specified otherwise.

Sl st: slip stitch

SC: single crochet

INV DEC: invisible decrease

INC: two SC in the same stitch

BLO: back loops only

Crochet Lion: Finished size

Approximately 4 inches tall, using DK yarn and a 2.75mm hook.

Crochet Lion: Sizing Adaptations

If you use super bulky yarn, a 7 mm crochet hook, it will come to be 11 inches tall.

How to Crochet a Small Lion

Lion Arms (make 2)

Do not stuff

Using yellow

Round 1: 6 SC into a magic circle (6)

Round 2-6 (5 rounds):  SC around (6)

Pinch the two ends of the arm together, chain one, and 3 SC through both sides to close the arm. See tutorial on how to finish the arms. Fasten off.

Lion Legs

Using yellow

Stuff the legs lightly as you go.

Round 1: 4 SC into a magic circle (4)

Round 2: INC in each stitch (8)

Round 3: SC around in BLO (8)

Round 4: SC around (8)

Fasten off. Make sure that you’ve pulled the magic circle tight so that stuffing doesn’t escape from it.

Repeat rounds 1-4 for the second leg but don’t fasten off.

Lion Body

Stuff as you go. Now we will begin joining the legs.

Round 5: Chain 2 and SC in the next unworked stitch of the first leg. Place a stitch marker in this stitch to mark the start of your round. SC in the remaining 7 stitches of the first leg until you reach the chain, SC in each of the 2 chains, SC in the 8 stitches of the next leg, and SC on the other side of each of the two chains until you reach your stitch marker. (20)

Round 6-10 (5 rounds): SC around (20)

Round 11:(8 SC, INV DEC) twice (18)

Round 12: SC around (18)

During the next round (Round 13), you will crochet the arms into your lion on either side of the body by crocheting through both the body and the arm. See tutorial on how to crochet in the arms.

Round 13: SC around (18)

Round 14: (SC, INV DEC) six times (12)

Lion Head

Round 15: (SC, INC) six times (18)

Round 16: (2 SC, INC) six times (24)

Round 17: (3 SC, INC) six times (30)

Round 18-24 (7 rounds): SC around (30)

If you’re using safety eyes, insert them between Rounds 19 and 20, seven stitches apart. Make sure that you have stuffed the body well, especially the neck.

crochet lion body

Round 25: (3 SC, INV DEC) six times (24)

Round 26: (2 SC, INV DEC) six times (18)

Round 27: (SC, INV DEC) six times (12)

Ensure that you have stuffed the head well.

Round 28: INV DEC six times (6)

Fasten off and leave a tail. Insert the needle in front loop of each stitch and pull tight to close.

Lion Muzzle

Using white

Round 1: Chain 4. Starting in the second chain from the hook, 2 SC, 3 SC in the next chain as your work turns. Now continue on the other side of the chain. 1 SC and INC in the last chain (8)

Round 2: SC around (8)

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing. Stuff the muzzle lightly and sew it onto your lion between Rounds 18 and 20. Embroider on the nose of your lion.

Lion Ears (make 2)

Do not stuff.

Using yellow

Round 1: 6 SC into a magic circle (6)

Round 2: (SC, INC) three times (9)

Round 3: SC around (9)

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

How to Crochet the Lion’s Haircap

crochet lion with hair cap and ears

Using brown

Round 1: 6 SC into a magic circle

Round 2: INC in each stitch around (12)

Round 3: (SC, INC) six times (18)

Round 4: (2 SC, INC) six times (24)

Round 5: (3 SC, INC) six times (30)

Round 6-11 (6 rounds): SC around (30)

At this point, check to see if the haircap is long enough.

Note: The hair cap width can vary based on the yarn that you’re using so try it on to your lion’s head and see if you want to increase or decrease rounds.

Fasten off and sew the hair cap on your lion’s head. Sew the ears onto the hair cap on each side.


Using yellow

Chain 5. Starting from the second chain on your hook, 4 sl st. Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing. Cut two strands of brown, approximately 3 inches long. Latch them onto the end of the tail. Cut them down to the size that you want them. Sew the tail on between Rounds 6 and 7.

how to latch on hair for the lion tail

How to Make a Lion’s Mane

Crochet lion mane, front and back

Using brown

Cut strands approximately five inches long. You will need a LOT of strands (approximately 75 to 100)! Begin by latching strands around the outside of the haircap of your lion.

How to Latch Hair onto the Mane of your Amigurumi Lion

step by step photo tutorial on how to latch the hair onto the lion

Now you will now insert your hook into the chin of your lion and add hair. Add hair along the chin line until it connects to the hair cap so that the mane is all around the lion.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of hair that your lion has, it’s time to give it a haircut. Start cutting around the mane. Do it slowly because you can always trim it shorter but you can’t grow the hair back after you’ve cut it! I’ve left the mane long and shaggy but you could try a spikey mane too! Be sure to cut it a bit shorter in front of the ears so that they show.

Your small crochet lion is now complete! If you enjoyed crocheting this little guy, be sure to check out the other animals in the Kozu Palm Pets series of small crochet animals.

small crochet lion

Is it hard to crochet this lion?

No it’s not difficult to crochet this lion. The steps are all very basic. The only part that may feel challenging is stranding on the mane. It’s not difficult but time consuming! My tip? Get into comfy pajamas, park yourself on your couch, put on your favorite TV show and begin adding the hair!

How do you crochet a large lion?

If you would like to crochet this lion to be larger, try using super bulky blanket yarn. With this yarn, our lion turned out to be 11 inches of cuddly cuteness. If you would like to crochet a larger lion using DK or worsted weight yarn, try our Luki the Lion pattern, which is approximately 8 inches tall.

How many strands do you need to latch on the lion’s mane?

The number of strands you need for your lion’s mane depends on how full you would like it to be. You will need approximately 100 to 150 strands. If you want a fuller mane, you could even add more! It’s really a personal preference.

What is the easiest animal to crochet?

If you are looking for a really easy crochet lion, you could try our Luki the Lion. If you are looking for a really easy small crochet animal to crochet, try out no-sew bunny pattern. It has no sewing (or hair latching for that matter!) so it’s a good one to begin with!

What are other small jungle animal crochet patterns?

If you would like more small jungle animal crochet patterns, check out our small elephant, small giraffe, small monkey patterns. We will soon be adding a small hippo to the collection!