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Our best free amigurumi patterns 2022

Best amigurumi free patterns

Can you believe it’s already 2022! This year our blog has really grown – we added another 20 free amigurumi patterns with many more to come this year! As we enter the New Year, we wanted to take a look back at our most popular amigurumi patterns over the past year. So we bring your Chai Coffee Crochet’s best free amigurumi patterns!

It was really fun to take a look back to see what patterns you loved making. So without further ado, here are our best free amigurumi patterns of 2021!

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Our Best Free Amigurumi Patterns of 2022

Crochet boy doll with baseball cap

Zayd the Crochet Boy Doll– Zayd the amigurumi boy doll was inspired because the boys (Kiran’s three sons) wanted a boy doll and there were such few patterns out there! So we designed our own boy doll free amigurumi pattern and we’re thrilled that you love it as much as we do!

a coloured monster with the same crocheted monster beside it

Design your own amigurumi monster– Our Design Your Own Mix and Match Monster pattern is our second most popular free amigurumi pattern of 2021. Your kid can design a monster using our free printable (free when you sign up for our newsletter) and then you crochet it using patterns for all the various parts – so it’s a beginner-friendly way to create a very unique toy! We have loved seeing all your monsters and how unique they are!

crochet butterfly baby rattle

Bella the Butterfly crochet baby rattle – Bella the butterfly was the third-most clicked on free amigurumi pattern on our blog in 2021. This crochet butterfly rattle pattern was the first of our series of amgurumi baby rattles and is definitely one of our favourites!

mini crochet witch

Zeena the mini amigurumi witch – Zeena the mini witch amigurumi free pattern was our Halloween addition to our Kozu Palm Pals mini amigurumi dolls series! This amigurumi witch was so much fun to make and the perfect last-minute Halloween crochet gift!

amigurumi mermaid with a braid

Zoya the Amigurumi Mermaid – Zoya the mermaid amigurumi free pattern was a very popular pattern for us! This is an easy crochet doll pattern, as there are no legs and so it’s simpler to work up for beginners. Plus, who doesn’t love the magic of mermaids?

mini amigurumi mermaid

Ayla the mini amigurumi mermaidAyla the mini amigurumi mermaid was a design that we came up for a small design contest on Instagram. Part of the Kozu Palm Pals small amigurumi doll series, she can be customised to the hair caps of any of the dolls. This amigurumi mermaid has already been given as a gift to a number of our nieces and friends’ kids because she works up so fast and who doesn’t love a mermaid?

crochet monster morphle

Morphle – Our 7th most popular pattern of 2021 was for Morphle from the cartoon Morphle and Mila. This is not a pattern that we had intended to make. A client really wanted one for her child who is really into the cartoon and we just couldn’t say no. So once we made it, we had to share the pattern with all of you because this guy is so cute! Even if you don’t know the cartoon, he just makes such an adorable little monster, doesn’t he?

amigurumi wolf and fox in overalls

Walt the amigurumi Wolf & Ferdi the amigurumi Fox – The pattern for Walt the Wolf and Ferdi the Fox is one of our all-time favourite free amigurumi patterns. They’re part of our Juna Series of amigurumi animals and they are just so adorable! This year we even added a little fox or wolf rattle to match the dolls, for a really cute crochet baby gift.

crochet zebra

Ziggy the Zebra – Ziggy the Zebra is a free amigurumi pattern from our Juna Series of amigurumi animals. It’s such a fun pattern to make and we have options for making him in black and white, or crocheting a rainbow zebra! It makes for a fabulous stash busting project too.

amigurumi elephant

Elzo the amigurumi Elephant – Elzo the amigurumi Elephant was the first member of our Juna Series of amigurumi animals and is so cute, that he inspired an entire series of free animal amigurumi patterns! Elephants are just so cute and our amigurumi elephant’s floppy ears and cuddly shape, are just adorable. This amigurumi elephant one of those patterns that we have made over and over again!

craft fair display in the background. Text overlay reads "Craft Fair Tips. Lessons from our first craft fair."

Craft Fair Tips: While this is technically not a free amigurumi pattern, our top craft fair tips from our first craft fair has been a really popular post on the blog! We share our experiences on creating a fantastic craft fair display, signage, what to bring to your craft fair, and other tips that we found immensely helpful through this experience. We hope you find it helpful too!

We hope you enjoyed taking a look back at our best free amigurumi patterns of 2021 as much as we did! Don’t forget to stay in touch with us and subscribe to our newsletter, join the Amigurumi with Chai Coffee Crochet Facebook group or follow us on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

Best amigurumi free patterns

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